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Welcome to
Living World Productions

This site is a place for me to showcase the work that I've done, or am working on. Please follow the links above to read about the topics that interest you.

I chose to give it a business sounding name, instead of naming it after myself as I like to keep it modest. The idea for the name came from a philosophy that I work by when working on video games -

"Every Monster has a life!"

A little about the homepage: While I can be very creative for other people's projects, I tend to keep things simple for myself. With that, I hope to convey that I am a 'no nosense' type in my work ethic - I admit, I can be a goof-ball once in a while.

Now that I'm letting people know about this site I decided to upgrade it some to give a little more professional appeal. I went with a classic retro-look, nothing flashy. The old version was barely "thrown" together.

For those who have been reading the Video Game blog, the link has been moved under the Projects button, or can be accessed through the Porfolio button.

Thank you for stopping by,

Michael White