Living World Productions

Michael White

Hello everyone - while I normally don't like to do this, but please, let me have a moment to talk about myself...

The first thing I would like everyone to know is this: I recently (March, 2016) earned my Undergraduate. My degree is a BS in Information Technology, with a concentration on Software Development.

Besides the skills my education has taught me, I have done a lot of outside reading on programming in C++, concentrating on game development. I really wanted to be a game programmer.

This changed though as I decided I would be more viable to the market if I were versatile in my skills. So I expanded into Java, HTML, CSS, and C#.

Also, during my internship, my boss turned me onto embedded programming. This is something I would enjoy once I become proficient at it. And...would be a smart place to go as, "The Robots are Coming!"

I've taken on many challenges at once because I get energized by having a lot on my plate. It was something that I picked up while I was in the U.S. Army. While I had a full-time schedule in school, I worked a full-time night job, a part-time evening job (right before the night shift) and volunteered at the local Public Library running their computer lab. I know this makes me look like a work aholic, which so many employers don't like to see as they want their employees to be able to wind down and refresh.

My school was all online, so I didn't have to spend time traveling to get to a class room. This really was good, as the modern world is migrating to more employees telecommuting. By not having to sit in class to listen to lectures strengthened my skill to learn independently. The discipline from the Army was also of great importance to stay up on my assignments.

In the future, one of my goals is to return for my Masters (and possibly Doctorates). I can also see myself as a teacher one day when I'm in my "retirement phase".