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In March of 2016 I graduated with minimal internship time on my resume. The company I worked for was CID Biosciences. I really enjoyed working for them as it was in an industry I was not used to. The position ended after three months.

Since the internship was only three months, I decided that I needed to do something to show case to potential employers. So I started by building web sites for local small businesses. Waiting for more internships to be offered each summer was not in my plans - so I took the initiative and created my own.

The first site was "Coop's Pro Extreme Fitness". He is a bodybuilder who started up his own personal trainer business. We worked together designing the site before publishing it. It was in mid-December and he gave me the go-ahead to post the site. I advised him to wait until January 1st to coincide with all of those who made a New Years resolutions to get in shape. It ended up being a good move. The first release of the site was static and designed to be viewed on a non-mobile device. Later the site was redesigned to be reactive.

The second site was "Miss'ipi Chef", who has a small catering business. The owner recommended to me by the owner of Coop Extreme. I was able to copy all of the code from Coop's site.

These sites are active, and I maintain both for the customers. The changes that are requested are very simple text and image replacements. I regularly go over the sites to see if there's anything I can do to enhance either of them, or increase their appearances. Both images are links to their sites, please visit them to see what you think.

The other site I made for a local pub. They're no longer in business as the owner sold the business. This code was pre-mobile device friendly, so it's mostly static. On the pictures page a vistior could click on a thumbnail to see the image in the central window. I charged more for this site because it was very involved with having to visit regularly to take photographs of events and update the site from their daily chalk board - you'll see this in the page.

Then of course there is this site that you're reading now. It is reactive to different screen sizes, but I digress as this site is so simple I would barely qualify it as 'experience'. Maybe in the 'web design' category, but nothing worth mentioning on the coding. Who knows, I should revisit it more often now that I'm informing people about it, to enhance its appearance. I will definitely come back when I have more projects to list.

In late January / Early February of 2019, I started coding a video game using C++. This is a nine month project to showcase my coding skills for potential employers to read. I was asked by some who was interested in playing the game to keep a blog of its progress. The blog has screen shots and a narrative of where I'm at. The intent is to 'complete' the project at the nine month mark so as to add it to my professional resume, which I have already have a three month internship. I already have people interested in playing the game and would continue expanding on the project at a later time as a hobby.

If you'd like to read the code to see my current skill level (as of 31 October, 2019), please feel free to read the project in its entirety, please click:


I'm using FaceBook to keep a blog about the progress of projects I'm working on.
If you would like to follow along, please visit: